Who created the first toy car?

Answer Frank Hornby first created die cast toy cars in 1931. Hornby created a number of miniature items to play with, including people and animals, although his cars were the most popular. Hornby's cars s... Read More »

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How was the first vaccine created?

The first vaccine was for smallpox (which is the only disease man has ever eradicated): It had been known for a long time that people that got smallpox and survived would never get it ever againFro... Read More »

Who Created the First Jet Plane?

Henri Coanda built the first crude jet airplane in 1910. However, Sir Frank Whittle and Hans Pabst von Ohain are generally considered the inventors of the modern jet aircraft.Source:www.discoverych... Read More »

Who created the first Nintendo?

Nintendo Co., Ltd. of Kyoto, Japan, created the first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The original NES was released in 1985 in the United States through its wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo o... Read More »

Who created the first television?

It's not clear exactly who invented television, but Paul Nipkow, Charles F. Jenkins, John Logie Baird, Allen B. DuMont, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, David Sarnoff, and Vladimir Kosma all had successes ... Read More »