Who created the first apple computer?

Answer Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer, the Apple I, in 1976. Wozniak made the computer for his own personal use; it was Steve Jobs' idea to sell it. The Apple I was sold as a circuit boa... Read More »

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Who created the first Macintosh computer?

Jef Raskin created the first Macintosh computer for Apple in 1980 as a response to a computer design issue. He believed future computers needed to be designed from the user interface out, to make t... Read More »

Who created the first desktop computer?

Ed Roberts invented the MITS Altair, which went on the market in 1975. It was sold as a kit to be put together at home. The Altair had no keyboard or video display monitor. Data was inputed by togg... Read More »

Who created the first electronic computer?

John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry created the first electronic computer between 1937 and 1942 while at Iowa State University. This computer introduced several technological innovations, including t... Read More »

When was the first computer language created?

A pioneer in the development of digital computers, Konrad Zuse designed the first computer language, Plankakul, in Germany in the 1940s, but publication of his language was delayed until 1972 due t... Read More »