Who created the dollar-store concept?

Answer The originator of the dollar store concept was K.R. Perry, an entrepreneur who opened "Ben Franklin," a five-and-dime store, in 1953. He continued to open more stores over the next several decades ... Read More »

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Why doesnt the dollar store (99€ store,dollar tree,dollarama) offer refunds or exchanges?

They can't afford to do it. They are working on a skin tight profit margin as it is. They don't have the luxury of the big box stores. Those items come with no guarantees.

Who created the emr concept?

Dr. Lawrence L. Weed, a professor at the University of Vermont, developed the concept of computerized or electronic medical records (EMRs) in the late 1960s. Merging technology and medicine reduces... Read More »

What year was the halfway house concept created?

A halfway house was a term in common use in the 19th century and meant, literally, a house that was halfway along a common road, such as a mail delivery route. The term halfway house took on a more... Read More »

When was the first dollar created?

The dollar was introduced as a result of the Mint Act of 1792, which established a uniform decimal coinage that would be recognized across the United States. It went into production in 1794.Referen... Read More »