Who created the bluetooth?

Answer A Swedish company--Ericcson invented the wireless technology known as Bluetooth in 1994. Bluetooth technology incorporates products containing small computer chips to enable it's users to share ele... Read More »

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Who created Bluetooth technology?

Two employees at Ericsson Mobile, Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson, invented the initial technology in 1994. Ericsson then joined with IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba to create a R&D project called t... Read More »

I have bluesoliel Bluetooth software installed properly in windows 7 ultimate.but the bluetooth icon ain't blu?

Yes of course you need a Bluetooth Hardware device which looks like a pen drive.That is the modem of the bluetooth and of course you also need a device which you want to connect.You definitely need... Read More »

Configure laptop to access I-net via a bluetooth adapter and my I-net enabled bluetooth c-phone?

sorry that your stuck,i would love to help but i don't know anything abouut this little problem of yours.all i can say is that you should go to a tech place and ask then about this little problem o... Read More »

I have bluesoliel Bluetooth software installed properly in windows7 ultimate.but the bluetooth icow icon in ri?

Do you use Bluetooth dongle..??if yes then, just reseat the dongle, I mean remove it and plug it again!!And second thing is try using Pc Suite of your phone. like Ovi Suite for Nokia and Kies for S... Read More »