Who created the keyboard alphabet arrangements?

Answer Christopher Sholes in 1874 invented the arrangement as typewriters had the tendency of the typebars to clash and jam if struck in rapid succession. This was a particularly serious problem, in that ... Read More »

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Why does both Being Human and Skins have American remakes created by the same people who created the original series'?

"Stopover in a Quiet Town" , starring Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone , an episode of the Twilight Zone from the 5th Season (Episode # 150) .

How do you add created players to your created team on ESPN college hoops?

What were ''homelands'' For what reason did the South African government say it created homelands. Why do you think it created homelands?

Many black families were forced to move to poor rural areas that were called Homeland. African government says it created homelands to stay separate with white and there were few jobs or resources ... Read More »

How to Say the Alphabet in One Word?

You can say "Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" without a sweat!