Who created the Snickers candy bar?

Answer The Snickers candy bar was created by Franklin C. Mars in 1930. Snickers is made of nougat, peanuts and caramel and has a milk chocolate coating, a recipe that has been so popular that has not chan... Read More »

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Who invented the Snickers candy bar?

The Snickers candy bar was invented in 1930 by Franklin Clarence Mars. Snickers is a milk chocolate-coated candy bar with a nougat base that is topped with roasted peanuts and caramel.Source:RC Tru... Read More »

Where is Snickers candy bar manufactured?

Created in the 1930s and named after the Mars family's favorite horse, the Snickers candy bar offers a combination of peanut-butter nougat, caramel, peanuts and chocolate. As of the year 2010, Snic... Read More »

When was the first Snickers candy bar sold?

Snickers candy bars were invented by Frank and Ethel Mars, who founded the Mars Incorporated candy company. The candy bars, which were named after one of the couple's favorite horses, were first so... Read More »