Who created the Halo game?

Answer Halo: Combat Evolved was released on November 15, 2001 as a launch title on the Microsoft Xbox. The Halo game was developed by Bungie Software, which was owned Microsoft Game Studios. Bungie separa... Read More »

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Who created Halo Wars?

Halo Wars is a production of Ensemble Studios and Bungie. This Xbox 360 exclusive game was released in 2009, under the Microsoft Games Studios publishing company. IGN Entertainment rated Halo Wars ... Read More »

How to Mod a Halo Game?

The PC version of Halo can sustain several modifications, or mods, to change or improve gameplay. Here's how to do it, starting with the downloads you'll need.

How to Configure a Halo PC LAN Game?

Want to play Halo PC over LAN, but you can't? Here's how.

How to Raise Your Game at Halo 3?

There are some tricks that lower levels (under 30s) should know to raise their game. These are focused on team slayer matches, where getting a positive k/d is basically the goal.