Who created the Google logos?

Answer Google's "Google Doodles" were first designed by Dennis Hwang starting in 1999. After the U.S. and international demands rose for the modified logos, a team of designers was founded. This team of d... Read More »

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Who makes the google logos?

Dennis Hwang is the man behind the decorative Google logos that appear on the site for holidays and other special occasions. He began working for Google in 2000 as an intern, and currently oversees... Read More »

When was Google android created?

Android Inc. was created in 2003. They were purchased by Google in 2005. Google released the first version of Android on October 21, 2008.

How are Google Maps created?

The maps are created by computer i guess like they draw the streets and stuff and other maps like Google Earth are made by satellite, it takes pictures of the earth from up in space.

How maps are created in Google?

Low detail images are taken with satellites, high rez photos are taken with aeroplanes, hot air balloons, model aeroplanes, even kites in some areas. The street view was created with cars driving a... Read More »