Who created the Ferrari car?

Answer Italian automobile designer Enzo Ferrari created the Ferrari car. In 1941, Ferrari debuted the AAC Tipo 815, the first race car he ever built. The first Ferrari road car was the 1947 125 S.Source:F... Read More »

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"Stopover in a Quiet Town" , starring Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone , an episode of the Twilight Zone from the 5th Season (Episode # 150) .

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What is the top speed of a Ferrari F50 GT?

The Ferrari F50 GT was modified from the original F50 for racing purposes. It was given an extra 200 horsepower and stripped of 400 kilograms of weight. The top speed reached in the F50 GT was 236 ... Read More »

When was the Ferrari first invented?

Though Enzo Ferrari created his first car--the Tipo 815 racer--as early as 1940, he did not begin producing road cars until 1946, and he manufactured his first road car, the Ferrari 125 S, in 1947.... Read More »