Who created spinning rims?

Answer Spinning rims, or "spinners," were invented by J.D. Gragg of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the late 1980s when he was working on a hybrid vehicle. He later filed a patent for this design. Another claimer of ... Read More »

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The Best Spinning Rims?

Spinning rims---car rims that give the illusion of a spinning wheel even while the vehicle is not in motion---have become one of the most sought-after vehicle accessories on the market. While spinn... Read More »

How to Attach Spinning Rims?

Spinning rims, also known as spinners, are installed on vehicles in the same way as regular rims. Attaching a spinning rim takes about five to nine minutes per axle. Spinning rims are popular withi... Read More »

How to Install Spinning Rims?

Spinning rims are growing in popularity in the after-market car-rim industry. Though they can be very expensive, they make unquestionably unique additions to most any automobile and can really look... Read More »

How to Put Spinning Rims on a Bike?

Spinning rims are made from a regular wheel with an external plate that spins, creating an illusion that the wheels keep spinning while the vehicle is sitting still. These wheels have become so pop... Read More »