Who created hip hop music?

Answer According to a September 2008 "New York Magazine" article, a 16-year-old Jamaican immigrant named Clive Campbell, later known as DJ Kool Herc, invented hip hop music by isolating the percussion and... Read More »

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Who created blues music?

No one person can be credited with creating the blues, a genre of music that evolved from slave-field hollers, spirituals and rhythmic dance tunes in the Mississippi Delta region of the U.S. in the... Read More »

When were music bands created?

This is an interesting question. I don't know what your definition of "modern bands" is and I don't know when "all-girl bands" started. But I did teach music in a Christian school for a while and t... Read More »

Who created Gospel music?

Thomas Dorsey, the son of a minister and a jazz musician who performed alongside Ma Rainey, is credited with creating Gospel music in the 1930s. He combined blues music and religious texts to form ... Read More »

Why does both Being Human and Skins have American remakes created by the same people who created the original series'?

"Stopover in a Quiet Town" , starring Barry Nelson and Nancy Malone , an episode of the Twilight Zone from the 5th Season (Episode # 150) .