Who created hand held mirrors?

Answer The oldest known hand-held mirrors date from about 6000 B.C. and were discovered in Anatolian gravesites among the remains of females. Anatolia is in south-central modern-day Turkey. The mirrors co... Read More »

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Who created hand held brass mirrors?

The earliest mirrors were made of highly polished, slightly contoured pieces of bronze, tin or silver. All mirrors at this time were hand held, the first full length mirror did not appear until the... Read More »

When were brass mirrors created?

While the actual date of when people first started using brass mirrors is unknown, there have been artifacts unearthed that indicate brass mirrors were being used by Egyptians as far back as 3,500 ... Read More »

Who invented the hand-held TV?

The MTV-1 by Sinclair Electronics is considered the first portable, hand-held television. The unit was designed by Sinclair's founder, British inventor and entrepreneur Clive Sinclair. Released in... Read More »

Hand-held scanners recommendation?

What do you plan to scan? Some will scan almost any thing flat, while other require individual sheets of paper.