Who created computer viruses?

Answer The first computer virus, called "Creeper", was written by Bob Thomas in 1971.The virus would display the message, "I'm a creeper, catch me if you can!" and messed with people's printers.It was wri... Read More »

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Sum guy that fixed my computer installled lime wire on my computer is this badam igoing to get viruses?

there is a chance you can get a virus from any site that active downloads files from the net and from other's computers. I have had limewire for years and not gotten a virus, I also have a good an... Read More »

If I reboot my computer, will it clear any viruses or trojans and such from my computer?

Yes if you put a disk in that will delete everything literally anything you want to save put it onto a memory stick and then just reinstall the program... If you are using rogers I would download t... Read More »

How to Fix All the Viruses in My Computer?

Knowing how to fix all of the viruses in your computer allows you to skip taking your system to a computer repair shop for help. Malicious viruses, however, can do extensive damage to your computer... Read More »

Where do computer viruses come from?