Who created churros?

Answer Nomadic Spanish shepherds first created the churro. The exact date of its creation is unknown, but is believed to be several centuries before the 21st century. Churros are deep fried, cylindrical d... Read More »

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Where can I get churros?

Where did churros originate?

Churros were first eaten by shepherds in the Spanish mountains because they could cook them easily around a campfire. Eventually, the dessert reached South America and became a favorite in Hispanic... Read More »

Where were churros first made?

Churros were first made in Spain by ancient shepherds who cared for a type of sheep by the same name. Churros are a sweet bread that is rolled in cinnamon and sugar before being deep fried in a ski... Read More »

How to Make Churros?

This is a nice way to start off the day in a totally easy way. So why not try it out? Churros are delicious Mexican dessert pastry...but who says you can't just eat them for breakfast?