Who created Windows XP?

Answer Some very intelligent developers at Microsoft.

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Who created microsoft windows?

Microsoft Windows was created by the Microsoft Corporation. The corporation licenses, develops and creates software and electronic devices. Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and his partn... Read More »

How do I remove a user created under Windows XP domain?

Open Administrative ToolsClick the "Start" button if you're using the Windows XP default Start menu and select "Control Panel." Click "Performance and Maintenance" and choose "Administrative Tools.... Read More »

How To Change the Computer Name Created with Windows XP Installation?

Computer names in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system are very significant. A computer name gives your system an identity, much like a person's name. Singularly, the importance of a computer na... Read More »

Was the computer already invented when Bill Gates created windows?

Yes they werewindows simply makes it easier to run multiple programs on the computer at the same time by providing an easy to use GUI (Graphical user interface) and the back ground required to try ... Read More »