Who created Nike?

Answer Phil Knight, a Stanford University MBA graduate and University of Oregon track and field athlete, created Blue Ribbon Sports in 1962, which eventually became Nike in 1978. William Bowerman partnere... Read More »

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When was the Nike corperation created?

In 1962, Philip Knight formed Blue Ribbon Sports, an early version of the company that would eventually become Nike. In 1971, soccer shoes were the first product to be sold as a Nike item. The comp... Read More »

Who created Nike SB Dunks?

Nike created the Nike SB (SkateBoarding) Dunk shoes. The shoes are designed for skateboarders, with more stability and a sole that is lower to the ground to improve skate-boarding performance.Refer... Read More »

Who created Nike Dunks?

The comfortable, low-rise Dunks were first introduced by Nike in 1985. There were nine different styles, designed in specific colors for various college and university basketball teams. The Nike Du... Read More »

Who created the nike swoosh?

The Nike swoosh was created by Caroline Davidson, a student at Portland State University in Oregon. She was asked to design a logo by Phil Knight, who paid her $35 for her work in 1971. The first N... Read More »