Who created Chinese writing?

Answer Chinese legend holds that character writing was created by a man called Canjie and is based upon the vein patterns of a tortoise. Whether this is true or myth, the roots of this writing system date... Read More »

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Who created Chinese checkers?

Chinese checkers is based on a British game called "Halma," which came from an even older game called "Hoppity." The six-pointed star was added to the game by the Ravensburger Company in 1892. In 1... Read More »

The Art of Chinese Writing?

The art of Chinese writing, or Chinese calligraphy, traces its roots back thousands of years in Chinese history. Both the characters and the art of calligraphy are bound together in Chinese culture... Read More »

Chinese Writing Instruments?

China has a rich history of calligraphy and written symbols. Writing is still regarded as one of the highest art forms in China. This means there is an accumulation of tradition around writing inst... Read More »

Who invented Chinese writing?

Ancient Chinese writing began in the Shang Dynasty in 1500 BCE as a logographic language. Pictographs from the ancient tribesman became fashioned into the language we see today. Linear and styliz... Read More »