Who covers a child's car insurance with shared custody?

Answer Answer Either parent could provide insurance for a child under their auto insurance policy. Alternatively, the child could obtain their own auto insurance policy if either parent is willing to coun... Read More »

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If i have shared custody and my ex's husband is hitting my child and i have made a child abuse complaint should i assume full custody and not let my child return there since the social services knows?

If your ex husband it hitting your child just tell the police they will talk care of all the confusing stuff and they might bring your ex husband to jail cause you broke up and he isn't in your fam... Read More »

How to Make Shared Custody Work?

Sharing custody of a child after a relationship or marriage has ended can be frustrating and emotional. It's important to exercise your rights as a parent while respecting those of the other parent... Read More »

How do you stop an unfit father from getting shared custody of your daughter?

you need to have proof of this. testmomials, documents, people to testify

Which parent is responsbile for buying clothing for the child in New Jersey with shared custody?

New Jersey shared custody assigns one parent as the parent of primary residence. This parent has responsibility for clothing, basic needs and the first $200 of medical expenses. The parent of prima... Read More »