Who cooks best in your home ?

Answer My Dad makes the best stews and chili's ever!! :)

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Chefs and Cooks - do you ever get 'cooked out'?

When I feel like that, I go find a wild recipe I've never tried--something that's different enough to get my creative juices flowing again.I LOVE to cook, and I especially love trying new cuisine-t... Read More »

Who cooks food better men or women?

Hiya Toploser,Well well, the most delicious food is made by women....our mothers, have have turned it into an art....teh reason being that most top chefs in the world are men!!!

Why do cooks&chefs wear a hat?

A chef's hat--also known as a toque--serves the practical purpose of keeping the cook's hair out of the food. The hats themselves are also a status symbol and signify a chef's experience in the ki... Read More »

What is your favorite food that your mom cooks?