Who wore the number 10 jersey for the San Diego Chargers?

Answer Pro Bowl kicker Nate Kaeding wears the number 10 jersey for the San Diego Chargers. Keading is the eighth Charger to wear this number, with Vince Abbott, Bobby Douglass, Mitch Hoopes, Mike Kelley, ... Read More »

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Where to Find a Job in San Diego - Which is the easiest way to Get a Job in San Diego CA?

It isn't hard if you know where to look, major companies get hundredsof hopefuls applying every day so that's why they file details, butthere are places where you can find lists of real job opening... Read More »

What are coaches S and ST in a train?

Yes I think you will be talking about Train No. 13351 Allepey Dhanbad .It is a Sleeper Class Coach only. The coach number is given like that because it is also a Slip Train which is joint with 1818... Read More »

When did coaches start using headphones?

i just got my iphone 4 and it looks like the headphone socket fits in beautifully. it doesn't rattle and looks snug - i guess it was purpose built for the iphone 4. as for fitting a plug into this... Read More »

How much do life coaches make?

The average salary for life coaches was $115,000 as of December 2009. That figure can be somewhat misleading, as only about twenty percent of life coaches have a salary that exceeds $100,000. Extre... Read More »