Who celebrated Thanksgiving first in America?

Answer To celebrate the first harvest in the New World, the pilgrims and a Native American tribe of Wampanoag joined together for a "thanksgiving" feast in the fall of 1621. Today's Thanksgiving holiday c... Read More »

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Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is Celebrated?

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in some fashion since before the United States became a country. The Pilgrims celebrated with thanksgiving and praise to God and invited their Native American frien... Read More »

Who celebrated the first Thanksgiving meal?

A celebration in thanksgiving of their first successful fall harvest was celebrated in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by the pilgrims of the Plymouth colony. The pilgrims and members of the neigh... Read More »

How many women celebrated the first Thanksgiving?

According to the Pilgrim Hall Museum, there were only four grown women who attended the first Thanksgiving celebration; however, there were five adolescent girls in attendance and a few children. A... Read More »

When was the first American Thanksgiving celebrated?

The first American Thanksgiving was celebrated in the early fall of 1621. The exact dates are unknown, though they are thought to be sometime between late September and early November. The celebrat... Read More »