Who can you contact that will help africans?

Answer Ultimate Medical Academy is the university and non-business organization, in Clearwater, Florida

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What did ancient africans eat?

Tomatoes Potatoes Eggplants Grains Cow

Do tongans like africans from new zealand?

About the same as Lithuanians like Brazilians from Capetown.

Has anyone tried to take the fat from Americans and give it to Africans?

Injecting people with random body tissue could kill them. Their bodies would reject it. Plus that wouldn't actually solve the nutritional problem that people who are victims of starvation have. Yo... Read More »

Why do Africans wear masks?

Masks are the personification of spirits which play an important sacred role in many tribal cultures. African tribal cultures have had a particularly rich mask tradition for centuries.HistoryHist... Read More »