Who can you authorize to pick up your kids from school?

Answer maybe the closest in your family that you trust the mostAnother View: Actually . . . this question is worded in MUCH too general a way to be answered in specifics.If you actually mean - sign your c... Read More »

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Who are the cops that pick up kids that skip school?

Normal cops usually pick up skippers. First-hand experience.

I'm coming up to making a big decision and i cant decide whether to pick the MacBook air or the Ipad 2 and I'm very close to high school so i need something that will be useful so what do i pick then?

Brazil's School system using Computer Chips On School kids uniforms to track if Students in School or not ->?

Agree-but disagree on a uniform..hey should have it embedded into the skin just like they do with animals to keep track of where they go...good idea!!..=)

How to Pick Who Is It in a Kids' Game?

When babysitting younger kids sometimes they don't want to be it. Here are a few things you can try!!!