Who can vote in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania?

Answer The state of Pennsylvania holds closed primary elections, which means that people may vote in a party's primary only if they are members of that party. Therefore, only registered Democrats may vote... Read More »

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Can Republicans vote in the Democratic primary?

In most states, only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary, with the same being true for Republicans. These are closed primaries. Some states, however, have open primaries, allowi... Read More »

Can independents vote in a Pennsylvania primary?

Independents, or voters who do not claim affiliation with any political party, can vote in general elections but not in Pennsylvania's primary elections. The Pennsylvania Department of State only a... Read More »

Where did 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Candidate Hillary Clinton attend college?

Wellesley College (B.A. 1969), and Yale Law School (L.L.B., 1973).

Who gets to vote in primary elections?

This depends on the type of primary held in a state. A closed primary allows only people who register as a member of the party who is holding the election to vote in it. An open primary allows vote... Read More »