Who can sue Jay Leno for his libelous joke against Wikipedia?

Answer Neither Jimbo Wales or the Wikimedia Foundation could bring forth such a lawsuit, because libel is "an untruthful statement about a person, published in writing or through broadcast media, that inj... Read More »

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Name of the song that is played during jay leno's monolouge after a joke about the bad economy?

Does anyone know a joke "Wikipedia" style site like Uncyclopedia?

http://wiqipedia.orgWiqipedia - The Fake Encyclopedia

Why would a television turn itself on Seriously. No Joke. No joke answers please.?

Several possibilities. One is timer. Some tv's have a timer that when enabled will turn your TV on at a set time/day. Another possibility is the use of another remote control. All current remot... Read More »

Are California politician Mark Leno and TV host Jay Leno related?