Who can revise or amend a Declaration of Condominium Ownership document?

Answer The declaration states how it can be amended or modified. Otherwise, the state law can guide you, either the law covering condominiums or the law covering non-profit (if that's the case) corporatio... Read More »

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Does the Declaration of ownership extend beyond the sale of the Condominium units?

Once you purchase a condominium unit, whether you are its first owner or subsequent owner, the condominium declarations will always be in force.

Can a Declaration of Condominium Ownership be completely revised in later years or amended by someone other than the original declarant?

Yes. Over time, the original declarant or developer generally fades from the picture, unless the developer maintains ownership of one or more units.Your existing governing documents provide for the... Read More »

Is condominium parking space ownership without unit ownership possible?

No. Read your governing documents to discover parking space ownership options.

What is the Advantage of condominium ownership versus cooperative ownership?

Depending on your situation, you may find the answer by reviewing the details in the link, below. It's the best comparison of the two that I've found.