Who can launch a nuclear missile in the USA?

Answer The president of the United States is the only individual in office who may request the launch of an American nuclear missile. According to the Center for Defense Information, the device that contr... Read More »

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How deep can a U.S. submarine launch a missile?

United States submarines launch missiles at a depth of 50 feet under the water. If they were to launch any deeper it would affect the accuracy of the missile. If they were to launch at a shallower ... Read More »

Who made the first nuclear missile?

The world's first nuclear missile was developed by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and was successfully launched on Aug. 21, 1957 over the Kamchatka Peninsula. TASS, the Soviet news ... Read More »

Can the president launch nuclear weapons on his own?

Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution states only Congress has the power to declare war. Thus, the president may not act unilaterally; he must have the support of Congress. W... Read More »

How are the nuclear missiles being protected in Pakistan are other countries helping is the US helping like you helped guard Pershing missile the in Germany?