Who can help with new inventions?

Answer On One Hand: Patent OfficeThe United States Patent Office can help you protect your new ideas, even before it is thoroughly developed. You can file a Provisional Patent Application with the Patent ... Read More »

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Man's Greatest Inventions?

When people think of mankind's history of inventions, many will mention things like the wheel, or fire. However, it can be argued that these were discoveries rather than inventions. For real invent... Read More »

Inventions from Immigrants?

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor. He, along with the Founding Fathers, invented a country where inventors from around the world could emigrate to and find freedom to create things that never exist... Read More »

1929 Inventions?

After the Roaring Twenties, in which the United States' thriving economy and social dynamism marked a period of great progress, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 brought forth the Great Depression. D... Read More »

What are some NASA inventions?