Who can help me with this Java Question?

Answer Honestly, you're just asking someone to write out your homework for you. It's quite a long piece of work, I assume it's homework, you should be doing this yourself!However, I will give you a few li... Read More »

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Java update available question?

Question About Some Java Code?

Hate to say it, but it looks suspicious to me.It is doing very suspicious things such as encrypting and decrypting certain strings to obfuscate what it is truely doing.I decrypted the string that i... Read More »

Java programming question..Please help!?

Neither person really answered your question about the use of printf(..).An exampledouble x = 17.234578;System.out.printf( "%.2f \n", x );will print17.23and go to the next line because of the \n

Java Question (QUICK! Help me!)?

This is in the wrong section, go to the programming section.-Elian