Who can give me an idea for a Dr Seuss assembly for preschoolers?

Answer Nice idea for an assembly, but since Dr. Seuss books cannot be improved upon, I suggest that rather than singing a song about the book, someone should just read one of the books. This person shoul... Read More »

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Can someone give me an idea for a story?

I won't give you a story idea, because as a writer I believe it is important to come up with your own material, but I will give you advice.Stop trying to make up a story and think of a simple scena... Read More »

Give idea to buy a dclr camera?

Samsung don't make DSLRs, anyone calling the NX1000 a DSLR is either a liar, a fool or the victim of one, since it's an EVIL model.Find out what a DSLR is, and if you really want one before asking ... Read More »

Will somebody please give me at least 20 awards for preschoolers- ex.most inquisitive....?

I agree with fluflu66. Every child should get an award. Theory is great, but practical application is harder. Here is a link to make your own preschool awards, which you can customize:http://www... Read More »

Give a generel idea of function(c language)?

Hi,Function can be defined as a block of code which is a very important tool in programming since it makes code reusable. What it means is that if we have a block of code which we are going to use ... Read More »