Who can do repurchase agreements?

Answer Repurchase agreements (repos) are done by underwriters of government securities. Underwriters buy government debt securities, such as Treasury Bills, directly from the government, then sells them t... Read More »

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Money Market Funds That Invest in Repurchase Agreements?

As explained by the Bank of International Settlements, "Money market funds (MMFs) are collective investment schemes that invest in short-term high credit quality debt instruments." As part of thei... Read More »

What is a stock repurchase program?

A stock repurchase program, also called a buyback, is what corporations do to show investors they have confidence to invest in themselves. Usually a buyback is announced in the press in advance or ... Read More »

Mortgage Repurchase Agreement?

A mortgage repurchase agreement is used frequently in bankruptcy cases. It is an agreement in which a person with a home loan needs to liquidate. The person sells the loan and then repurchases it b... Read More »

JDA Agreements?

A joint development agreement (JDA) between two or more companies is a legal agreement defining terms of a project designed to jointly promote or develop a product or service. The JDA should speci... Read More »