Who can contest a will?

Answer When it is time to consider contesting a will you must meet certain requirements to be able to challenge it in court.Legal StandingTo be eligible to contest a will you must prove that you have lega... Read More »

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How to Contest a Will?

A Last Will and Testament is a legal instrument used to distribute one's estate. Without a will, estates are divided according to intestate proceedings. Contesting a will can be difficult, because ... Read More »

How to Contest a Will in Ireland?

The passing of a relative or loved one is always emotionally difficult. However, settling their wills can be even more complicated, both emotionally and legally. Challenging a will overseas just ... Read More »

How to Contest a New Will in Illinois Inheritance?

Anyone involved in an Illinois will, probate, or inheritance case has six months to contest a new will. There are three main avenues for contesting a new will: the will does not meet Illinois' form... Read More »

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