Who can attend an executive session board meeting in a homeowner association?

Answer An executive session -- board meeting -- is usually called to discuss confidential issues, such as disciplinary action planned/ strategized, payroll matters, criminal matters, and so forth. It is ... Read More »

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What takes place in an executive session in a Home Owners Association meeting?

Executives sessions conducted by board members protect people's privacy. Topics might be: Delinquent owners by name and dollar amountsSalary adjustments or salary issues for employees Executive ses... Read More »

How many days are needed to call a special board meeting before an annual meeting for a Home owners association?

Robert's Rules of Order, is the generally accepted procedure for businesses matters such as these. There is an online version - see the link below:

Can non residents attend a annual homeowners association meeting?

You can ask your owner/landlord to invite you. Understand, however, that you will not be granted the right to vote, you may not be granted the right to speak during the open forum period, and ther... Read More »

What are the duties of homeowner association board members?

The association is (usually) a non-profit corporation, so board members are corporate officers. Their duties are spelled out in your governing documents. In addition, the state law defines the dut... Read More »