Who came up with the ecological footprint?

Answer Swiss mechanical engineer Mathis Wackernagel developed the Ecological Footprint in 1990 while completing his doctorate at the University of British Columbia. He collaborated with his professor, Wil... Read More »

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What is an"ecological footprint"?

The phrase ecological footprint refers to how much land and water must be used by a population to produce its resources and to manage its waste. The global hectare is the standard measurement used ... Read More »

What is an ecological footprint analysis?

An ecological footprint analysis shows how an individual, family, business or country is using the resources of the Earth. The analysis takes into account the fossil fuels and natural resources use... Read More »

How to Find Your Ecological Footprint?

In order to calculate your ecological, or carbon, footprint, you will want to visit one of the many footprint calculator analysis websites available online. For the purpose of this demonstration, w... Read More »

The Ecological Footprint of Schools?

An ecological footprint is a measure of how an organization and its activities impact the environment. An ecological footprint for business is typically quantifiable. In other words, it is possible... Read More »