Who came to the first Thanksgiving?

Answer The Wampanoag Indians and the settlers of Plymouth Colony celebrated a feast of thanksgiving in fall 1621 that later became known as the "first Thanksgiving." Individual colonies and states recogni... Read More »

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving next week on a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the following Thanksgiving ->?

1)Thanksgiving Turkey - 102) Tofu Turkey(Vegetarian version of Turkey) - Never tried it, but I'm planning to.3) Stuffing - 104) Pumpkin Pie - 105) Mashed Potatoes - 106) Cranberry Sauce - 107) Turk... Read More »

The sesame street float in the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving day parade sesame street celebrates a very special Thanksgiving t?

What's your Thanksgiving menu What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

means to me- food thanksgiving menu- my mom had surgury and cant cook ANYTHING i have a crazy caugh so milk and sodium is off the menu and we dont normally celebrate thanksgiving. so on my menu? i ... Read More »

Where was the first Thanksgiving located?

The first Thanksgiving celebration was held in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It happened in the early autumn of 1621. The occasion marked the first successful harvest of the Pilgrims, who had landed at ... Read More »