Who came in second place on American Idol 2011?

Answer Lauren Alaina

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Who are the top 12 on American idol 2011?

Casey, Haley, Pia, Scotty, James, Lauren, Paul, Thia, Naima, Stephano, and Jacob. They didn't have 12 only 13 then11 so these are the top eleven

Who will win American idol in 2011?

The 2 top people were: Lauren AlainaScotty McCreeryThe winner was Scotty McCreery. He cried after he sang a beautiful song.

Who is going to win American Idol 2011?

with James out and me personally hating scotty i think haily will win and the only reason it isn't Lauren is because she just way to young

Who do you think will win American idol 2011?

mr turel the owner of turels fish bar in weoley castle Or Scotty. Here is what will happen: Lauren goes out in third, as Hailey will get most of James' vote, while Scotty and Lauren split the count... Read More »