Who called out the troops during the Whiskey Rebellion?

Answer President George Washington called out the militia to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Farmers in Pennsylvania had been protesting a federal excise tax and this was the first time the nation... Read More »

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How to Support The Troops During The Holidays?

During the holiday season, a large number of troops - especially those stationed overseas - are often unable to truly enjoy the holidays due to work and participation in special missions. In some c... Read More »

Are US troops in Iraq supposed to salute the Iraqi flag during the playing of their national anthem?

Yes. Troops will salute while the national anthem of the United States, "To the Colors," or a foreign national anthem is being played.This is out of respect for the host nation and shows that we re... Read More »

What was the operation called where 1500 CIA troops went to over throw fidel castrol?

What are some arguments for keeping US troops in Iraq and for the redeployment of US troops from Iraq?

AnswerMany of the religious extremists want the whole world to become Islamic and if we don't want it, they are willing to kill themselves in an effort to destroy any non-believers. That's us.If we... Read More »