Who buys used power wheelchairs?

Answer If you own a surplus electric wheelchair or power chair, you may want to sell it. Be prepared to try more than one method to sell yours, though; the market is limited because factory-warranted, Med... Read More »

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Benefits of Power Wheelchairs?

Power wheelchairs, also referred to as electric wheelchairs, are a common aid to daily living for people who are disabled or elderly. Power wheelchairs provide many advantages for wheelchair-bound ... Read More »

Lemon Law for Wheelchairs?

Many states have established lemon laws for wheelchairs and other assistive technology devices. Lemon laws are especially significant and useful for people with disabilities since their ability to ... Read More »

Who invented wheelchairs?

The concept of chairs with wheels goes back to ancient China where engravings dating to 525 A.D. show the earliest representations of the wheelchair. Precursors to the modern self-propelled wheelch... Read More »

What are wheelchairs made of?

Not all wheelchairs are the same. Different manufacturers create slightly different wheelchair components. If you know the parts of your wheelchair, you can save yourself some money and replace a p... Read More »