Who buys used air cards?

Answer Most buyers of used aircards, or cell-based wireless devices, are businesspeople or people often on the go. Potential buyers can find aircards on eBay, where sellers offer many cards of different ... Read More »

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What does it mean when someone buys a wart off you?

You have to be a wart charmer, or so I hear. Snopes doesn't think so.

Who buys pallets?

Sometimes called "skids" or "flats," pallets are basically mobile sub-floors used for easily transporting goods with a forklift. Pallets come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are used anywher... Read More »

The Best Buys on NFL T-Shirts?

As the NFL surges in popularity, so does NFL apparel. T-shirts for all 32 NFL teams can be found nationwide and online, perfect for the NFL fan living far from his favorite team. Officially license... Read More »

Who buys your toothbrush for you?

The taxman. As a self employed food sampler for visiting foreign dignitaries my teeth need to be cleaned regularly. I put them down as an expense.