Who buys stocks that are sold?

Answer Anyone can buy stock when it is being sold. The buyer simply has to be signed up with a brokerage firm to place the buy order, and has to be willing to pay the price per share that the seller wants... Read More »

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Who buys stocks during a credit crisis?

Credit crises are associated with panic. Most investors liquidate investment portfolios during these times for fear of financial collapse. Of course, stock market sales are matched against buy orde... Read More »

Are private prison stocks sold on America's stock market?

Private prison stocks are sold on the stock market. According to the Wall Street Journal, some examples include Corrections Corporation of America (CXW), which, as of October 2009, controls 39 perc... Read More »

Proceedes from a cookie sale totaled 50.50 on 36 boxes sold some boxes sold for 1.25 and some for 1.50 each how many boxes were sold at 1.25?

When can a sold license be placed on sold real estate in Florida?

Until Oct. 2002, real estate brokers in Florida couldn't place a "Sold" sign on a property before the closing, unless the sellers consented. The state law was repealed that year, which means licens... Read More »