Who buys stocks during a credit crisis?

Answer Credit crises are associated with panic. Most investors liquidate investment portfolios during these times for fear of financial collapse. Of course, stock market sales are matched against buy orde... Read More »

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Who buys stocks that are sold?

Anyone can buy stock when it is being sold. The buyer simply has to be signed up with a brokerage firm to place the buy order, and has to be willing to pay the price per share that the seller wants... Read More »

How Credit Card Defaults Affect Banks in a Crisis?

While customers benefit from having bank credit cards to give them spending freedom and while banks benefit from the interest charges billed to consumers, both borrower and lender suffer when credi... Read More »

Can I use a credit card to buy stocks?

It is legal to buy stocks with a credit card in the United States, but the practice is not encouraged and is rarely offered by brokers. This is because the high interest on the credit card would li... Read More »

What was done to regulate buying stocks on credit in 1929?

Although the stock market crashed in 1929, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 changed regulations for buying stock on credit. For stocks, there must be at least 50 percent equity. In 1929 the equi... Read More »