Who built the first american made wooden clock?

Answer Although many clock makers were making clocks that contained wood pieces, Benjamin Banneker is credited with creation of the first American-made wooden clock. Banneker, also America's first African... Read More »

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How Do I Identify an Old Wooden Clock With No Glass?

Old wooden clocks are often passed down from generation to generation. Sometimes people pick them up from antiques markets or auctions. Identifying the manufacturer, age and value can be interestin... Read More »

When was the Glockenspiel clock built?

The Glockenspiel clock is a chiming clock popularly known as the Rathaus-Glockenspiel of Munich. It was an addition to the New Town Hall, and it dates from 1907. It presents shows lasting 15 minute... Read More »

Does American Idol end at 10 o' clock on Wednesdays?

Yes...the result shows start at 9 and end at 10 unless for some reason it is at 8...which hasn't happened in a long time:)

Early American Wooden Tools?

More than 200 years have passed since the birth of the American nation, and rapid technological and social changes have broadened the gulf between the first Americans and the present. This fact giv... Read More »