Who built the Great Northern Railroad?

Answer James Jerome Hill, the "Empire Builder," founded the Great Northern Railway in 1889. It was a combination of several existing railroads, and eventually stretched from the Great Lakes to the state o... Read More »

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When was the Alaska railroad built?

The Alaska railroad was first built in 1903. The original tracks consisted of a 50-mile northward route beginning at Seward, Alaska. The Alaska Central Railway company was responsible for construct... Read More »

When was the Canadian Pacific Railroad built?

The Canadian Pacific Railway was built in segments between 1867 and 1885 as the country of Canada moved westward. As more of the western Providences joined the Canadian federation the railway was e... Read More »

When was the Southern Pacific Railroad built?

In 1865 a group of businessmen started the Southern Pacific Railroad. From 1874 to 1881, new tracks were put in place across the United States. The task was completed on Jan. 12, 1883. The U.S. had... Read More »

Name of the first railroad built entirely across the United States from PA to CA (I think)?

The way you asked the question the answer would be no one railroad ever built completely across the United States. Even the misnamed Transcontinental was built by two railroads. All of the Transco... Read More »