Who built gliders that could be piloted in 1890?

Answer Otto Lilienthal, a civil engineer from Germany that influenced the Wright Brothers, is considered the first aviator in history, according to the Otto Lilienthal Museum. In 1891, he made a successfu... Read More »

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Companies built telegraph lines that could carry what from the east coast to the west coast?

SARC or VA b. Healthcare Provider c. SAFE Examiner d. Physician on Duty

Is there a list of best home plus auto insurance companies in United States that i could look at so that i could compare policy's or change my current insurance company?

Answer There is not a list of the type you mention. What you can do is go to your State Insurance Commissioners web site, Most states will have a listing of AM Best ratings for the admitted Insure... Read More »

Who piloted the Enola Gay?

Paul W. Tibbets Jr. piloted the Enola Gay. He is best known for his Aug. 6, 1945 mission when the B-29 bomber dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. The plane was named in honor of Tibb... Read More »

What is a piloted solenoid valve?

According to About Air Compressors, a solenoid pilot valve is a small valve that activates (pilots) a larger valve within an air compressor. The pilot valve magnetizes a coil that causes air to flo... Read More »