Who bought the patent for the battery for the e3 electric car?

Answer The patent for the battery of the e3 electric car was bought by Axion Power International, Inc. Often referenced as the Axion e3 Supercells, the technology has been patented by the United States Pa... Read More »

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When was the first patent for the electric basketball scoreboard given?

The first patent for an electric basketball scoreboard was patent number 3127535, issued to Harow T. Westerheim in March 1964. The patent was for a visual readout device, which Westerheim suggests ... Read More »

Which black American got a patent for the railroad electric switch in 1897?

W.B. Purvis, an African-American inventor, received a patent for the electronic railway switch on August 17, 1897. Purvis is also known for receiving a patent for the fountain pen, which stored ink... Read More »

When did Thomas Edison patent the first experimental electric typewriter?

Thomas Alva Edison patented his design for the first experimental electric typewriter in 1872. However, Edison's design did not function as well as intended. The first working electric typewriter c... Read More »

I Bought a New Battery for My Car and it Won't Stay Charged?

New car batteries offer two- to five-year limited warranties. Like everything out there, the batteries come off of a factory floor and are subject to quality control checks. However, bad batteries ... Read More »