Who bought Chrysler Motors?

Answer Cerberus Capital Management purchased the American arm of DaimlerChrysler in 2007 for $7.4 billion. Daimler had acquired Chrysler in 1998 for $36

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Who owns Chrysler Motors, LLC?

Chrysler Motors LLC is a subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management LP. Cerberus purchased the company in 2007 for $7.4 billion dollars. Chrysler still holds a small ... Read More »

Who bought Chrysler?

Chrysler, smallest of the US 'Big Three' auto companies, was purchased in May 2007 by Cerberus Capital Management, an investment firm. Cerberus acquired a controlling interest in Chrysler (about 80... Read More »

Who bought Chrysler car company?

Chrysler car company was bought by Cerberus Capital Management. The company regained Amercan control of the Chrysler company after the majority of shares had been owned by DaimlerChrysler AG, a Ger... Read More »

Differences Between Hydraulic Motors & Electric Motors?

A motor is a machine that turns a source of fuel into motion. This is usually rotary motion, which is to say that motors turns around and around. In doing this, they are able to drive other mechani... Read More »