Who became a Supreme Court Justice in 1962?

Answer President John F. Kennedy appointed two Supreme Court justices, both of whom took the oath of office in 1962. Justice Byron White served until his retirement in 1993. Justice Arthur Goldberg resign... Read More »

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Which U.S. president became a Supreme Court justice?

William Howard Taft, the 27th president of the United States, was the only president to become a Supreme Court justice. President Harding appointed Taft as chief justice on June 30, 1921, and he re... Read More »

Who became the first woman to serve as a justice on the United States Supreme Court in 1981?

Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman to serve as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the Supreme Court in 1981. She served as an associate... Read More »

Which president later became chief justice of the United States Supreme Court?

William Howard Taft, the United States' 27th president, became the first former president to become chief justice of the Supreme Court when he was named to the position by President Warren G. Hardi... Read More »

How long does a justice of the Supreme Court remain a member of the court?

The United States Constitution stipulates that a U.S. Supreme Court justice holds his position "during good behaviour," explains the Supreme Court's official website. This means once she assumes he... Read More »