Who ate the apple: Adam or Eve?

Answer From the New International Version translation of the Holy Bible, according to the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3, Verse 6, Eve ate the fruit, then Adam ate it. The Bible also does not specify whether ... Read More »

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Do only men have an Adam's apple?

Men and women both have Adam's apples. An Adam's apple is actually the larynx, or voice box, and is more pronounced in men because of their larger voice boxes. This is also why men have deeper voic... Read More »

What is an Adam's apple?

The Adam's apple is an object of envy to the adolescent boy--especially one who can't wait for his voice to deepen. This common sign of physical maturity typically appears during the teenage years ... Read More »

What is the function of an Adam's apple?

The Adam's apple is an equal opportunity body part, meaning men and women have Adam's apples. The purpose of the Adam's apple is one of protection.What Is It?The Adam's apple is the bump or knot th... Read More »

Who named the Adam's apple?

No particular individual is credited with coining the term "Adam's apple." The modern phrasing first appeared in the early 18th century as a translation of the Latin term for this growth of cartila... Read More »