Who arranged Riu Riu Chiu?

Answer "Riu Riu Chiu" is traditionally titled "Riu, riu, chiu!" It is a Spanish Christmas carol dating back to the Renaissance era. Its original composer is not confirmed; the tune has existed since the f... Read More »

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Why is the keyboard arranged the way it is?

Ok, so here's the deal.The layout you're using is called the QWERTY layout. So named because QWERTY is the first six letters on the keyboard.This layout was designed to be used with efficiency. Key... Read More »

Why are the letters on the key board arranged as so?

I have read that it goes back to the days of the first typewriters. Because the mechanisms could only move so fast, they needed to keep the typing at a certain speed so it didn't get jammed. so th... Read More »

How Are Monogrammed Letters Arranged?

Monograms use initial letters to represent a name. The most common configuration is to have three letters, but there are variations for using one or two letters. Every family member usually has his... Read More »

What is a pre-arranged bankruptcy?

A pre-arranged bankruptcy is considered a pre-packaged bankruptcy where--before a debtor files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy--the company has to negotiate, document and disclose to all of its creditor... Read More »