The Average Pay for State Senators?

Answer Each state legislature has the right to determine how to compensation its legislators. This means that the pay of state senators varies widely across the country. Not only the amount varies, but al... Read More »

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What is Vermont's state song?

"These Green Mountains" became Vermont's official state song in 2000. Diane Martin composed the words and music, and Rita Buglass Gluck arranged the song. "These Green Mountains" replaced "Hail, Ve... Read More »

How much is Vermont's state income tax?

The state income tax amount for the state of Vermont varies due to amount of income earned. For income between $0 and $78,850, the income rate is 3.6 percent to 7.2 percent. For income of $78,851 a... Read More »

State of Vermont Scooter Laws?

The state of Vermont views scooters and mopeds as the same type of vehicle requiring the same licensing and registration. To determine what Vermont laws you must obey, you first must determine whet... Read More »

Renewable Energy Grants in the State of Vermont?

According to Renewable Energy Vermont, the state currently lacks funds for renewable energy technologies, but it is working overtime to pass legislation that will increase this funding in the futur... Read More »